Grow Your Appliance Service Business Faster

1-on-1 help from Don Harris and his 45 plus years of experience so you can avoid common mistakes, make the right decisions, and grow your business profitably

The “1-on-1” Difference

Get More Customers

Stop feeling stressed! Yes, you need more customers to grow your business but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Don will help you implement his proven systems for getting more customers.

Earn More Per Customer

WHen you earn more per customer you don’t need as many customers to hit your business goals. Don can help you reduce overhead, improve employee efficiency and make the right business decisions based on his 45 years experience. 

Grow Your Business Faster!!!

Working 1-on-1 with Don is like having a business partner with 45 years of experience who can provide you with proven strategies, blueprints and systems to get your business to the next level quickly.



“One thing Don has made me realize more than anything is that I need to spend more time managing and working on the business instead of always working in the business. I would highly recommend working with Don for anyone that is serious about building a successful service business. Don has done a fantastic job of encouraging and helping me to get our reports done every week and also helping me get it all set up to monitor properly.”
Don Vlastuin, Atech Appliance Service

How does It work?

When it comes to trying to grow an appliance service business, many owners don’t know where to start, and quite frankly, feel very alone in trying to figure it all out. In fact, often owners  “don’t know what they don’t know” and it’s costing them tons in lost profits.

I know how overwhelming and stressful it can be to try to grow an appliance service business on your own. I understand the frustration and burn out that comes from working your butt off, and even taking on more and more customers, but still not seeing any improvement in actual profits. I can relate to that looming fear of not having enough money at the end of the month to keep the doors open. I’ve been there!

The good news is, you don’t have to stay stuck. I believe appliance service business owners shouldn’t have to work themselves to the grave to see consistent growth in their businesses. The key is to having someone on your side to help clear the clutter so you know exactly what’s going on in your business. I can provide you with answers and guidance to help you make fast improvements in your business. That’s why I’ve created the “1 on 1” Consulting Program within Appliance Service Secrets.

The “1-on-1” Consulting program is administered by myself, Don Harris, Founder of Appliance Service Secrets, and I have over 45 years of experience running and growing my own successful appliance service business. Today, my son owns and runs that business and I spend my time helping other owners to get more customers, improve productivity, focus on profits, and grow their businesses.

When you join the Appliance Service Secrets “1-on-1” Consulting Program, you will:

1. Commit to weekly one-hour video conference calls focusing on your business, conducted by myself, and work on your problems and get your questions answered.

2. Get insight on processes that not only work for me, but have worked in other businesses that I have worked with  and you’ll see how you’ll be able to apply those processes to your business to propel growth and profitability and work with me to make a plan for taking what’s working and implement it into your own business.

3. Have ongoing access to my ever-growing collection of step by step action plans, video training, business calculators, budgets, documents, and other tools – all aimed at helping you grow your business.

Look, if you’ve read this far on this page, then chances are you already recognize how beneficial a “1-on-1” Consulting Program could be for you and your business. If that’s you, go ahead and fill out the application at the bottom of this page, and lets get you started!

Your “1 on 1” Consulting Plan

Fill out the application at the bottom of this page

Have a no-obligation phone conversation with Don Harris

Get on weekly 1 hour calls, just you and me, to work on growing your business.

Enjoy VIP access to the Appliance Service Secrets members area full of tools, resources, calculators, templates, training, and more...


Managing Change

I will help you identify the changes necessary for your business to grow and then work with you as you make those changes.

KPI's-The Key To Success

I will help you uncover the KPI’s in your business necessary for growth and increased profitability

Technician Productivity

We will analyze your technician productivity and find out who is producing and who is not.

Set Goals-Make Plans

I will help you set goals, make action plans and provide ongoing accountability during the implementation process 

Transitioning to a Business Menatlity

You’ll make the transition from working  “IN” your business to working “ON” your business 

Building Confidence

You will develop the confidence you need to grow your business

“Don, I believe your record speaks for itself regarding successful operation of a business. You have built a sizable service business in Atlanta providing quality service that is well known for quality service and repairs. You have influenced the running of my business by reinforcing a lot of the practices I am trying to pass onto my son JR to assure the successful change of ownership that will be happening soon”
Jerry Reinhart, Sr., Appliance Service Today

What’s My Investment?

How much is it currently costing you to NOT have instant and ongoing access to someone that understands your business and can help you make the right decisions instead of you having to figure it out all on your own through trial and error? How much is it costing you in lost profits to have technicians not working as efficiently as they could be? How much potential revenue are you currently missing out on because you don’t have the strategies and support necessary to start reaching and acquiring more customers? Are you spending more money than you should be in advertising and other lead generation activities and not getting the results you want? How much money do you think it could mean to your bottom line in just the first couple of months if you were able to turn your business around and start generating profits on each & every call?

The “1-on-1” consulting program has been priced such that the additional revenues you generate from my recommendations and the changes that will result in increased efficiency should more than pay for the consulting fees and still have a positive return on your investment! I can only work with a few clients at a time so In order to maximize your results, you must complete and submit the application form attached and I will review your application and if you’re accepted, we’ll have a no obligation phone call to discuss your business and confirm acceptance. Once accepted, you must comment to a minimum of 3 months of working with me by making a one-time payment of $2500 or by making the first of 3 monthly payments of $997. To get started you must complete the application by clicking on the “APPLY NOW” button below.

“Don Harris’ experience and knowledge have been a huge asset to me. He has years of experience in the appliance repair industry and has always been willing to share his successes, but also let me learn from his failures. He is willing to go the extra mile and his consul invaluable. Don has the ability to see through all the clutter and help advise anyone to make the best decision. Don Harris is a true asset.”
Lance Kimball, Appliance Repair Specialists

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