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Quickly get absolute clarity on the numbers that drive your business so you can make the right decisions to increase profitability.

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Know for Sure Your Cost of Doing Business!
Not sure what your Cost of Doing Business Is? Well, don’t guess any longer, know for sure! With this Cost of Doing Business calculator, you’ll never have to guess again as to what you should charge for your services. You’ll not only know for sure what your breakeven is so that you’ll be able to pay all your bills but you’ll also know what to charge to make a nice little profit.

You’ll no longer have to call your competition and find out what they charge. Once you complete this Cost of Doing Business calculator you’ll know the answer you need to be profitable.

  • Find out what it the average cost per hour, as well as the total cost per hour for all your technicians
  • Find out what it cost you per hour to cover the cost of vacation pay, holiday pay, sick days and training days for your technicians
  • Find out how much per hour your overhead expenses cost you
  • Determine the importance of your technician efficiency ratio and what effect that has on your hourly rate
  • Choose your profit margin and find out how much you need to charge per hour to achieve that desired profit margin

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How Does the CODB Calculator Work?


1. Enter Your Info

Answer the questions to provide the calculator with the info it needs to run it’s calculations

2. Discover Your Numbers

The calculator will reveal the changes that will have the most profound impact on your business

3. Adjust & Track

Keep your info updated so you’ll always know your current Cost Of Doing Business

4. Grow Your Business

Knowing your actual numbers allows you to confidently make the right decisions for your business

Know what to tell the manufacturers when they offer you a completed call rate
Ever been in a situation where a manufacturer offers you a set amount per completed call to run warranty calls for them and not know whether that is a good deal for you or not. Never let that happen again. Don’t let the manufacturers dictate what they will pay you for a warranty service call without knowing whether or not you will be making money or losing money. By completing this Cost Of Doing Business calculator, you will know for sure what you need to make per completed call to be profitable. Now you’ll know whether or not you can afford to do work for a manufacturer. By knowing your completed call rate, you can make a sound business decision as to whether you can accept that rate, negotiate it or walk away. You should never let the profits you make on your COD service calls subsidize your warranty calls.
  • Know what your Completed Call Labor Rate should be to make a profit on each call
  • Know what your Completed Call Ratio has to be to remain profitable
  • Determine if the added expense of parts handling and warranty administration for running warranty calls is worth it
  • Know for certain if the rate a manufacturer is offering you is a profitable rate for your company
  • Be armed with the information you need to negotiate a better warranty labor rate

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Find out what effect parts have on  your Cost of Doing Business
  • Find out the importance of tracking the profitability of COD parts vs Warranty parts
  • Find out the profitability of COD parts vs Warranty parts
  • Find out how much per hour you can lower your hourly rate by using profits from parts
  • Determine if you should use the parts profits to lower your Cost Of Doing Business
  • Is the profit from DIY parts worth the time, energy and money invested to keep it open

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This thing just works… see what our customers have to say!

“The CODB calculator helped me to realize that what I was charging for my service rates was not enough. It also helped me to negotiate with warranty companies as to what I needed to get paid. It gave me the confidence to know to hold my ground and get the rates we needed to run my company.”

Jeff Dar

Owner, J and J Appliances

“Doing a CODB on my business was a real eye opener because it made me realize how important it was for me to get on a flat rate pricing system that was followed by all my techs in order to collect the income we needed to be profitable. Also it helped me to realize our primary profit centers and our cost centers within our business. CODB is a must for any service business.”
Don Vlastuin

Owner, Atech Appliance Service

The Cost Of Doing Business (CODB) Calculator

  • Determine your true hourly technician costs
  • Find out your hourly expense costs
  • Instantly see what your hourly rate needs to be
  • and much more…

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Frequently Asked Questions
QUESTION: What do you mean by “Cost Of Doing Business”
ANSWER: “Cost Of Doing Business” or “CODB” is an industry term that is used when talking about what it cost someone to keep the doors of their business open. Businesses have expenses they have to pay whether they have any calls to run or not such as insurance, utilities, truck payments, phones, etc. In addition, when you have service calls to catch, you have to pay yourself or someone else to run those calls. Along with that, as a legitimate business, you have vacation days, holidays, sick days and training days you have to pay your employees. All this adds up in a hurry and becomes a huge expense.

The Cost of Doing Business calculator takes all these expenses into account and determines how much per hour you need to charge to cover all these expenses. It also takes into account how much profit you want to make at the end of the year. Naturally, for this to happen, all the parameters you use must remain the constant. Therefore, it is a good idea to recalculate your cost of doing business at least once a year if not more often. I would suggest recalculating your CODB any time a major financial change happens in your business such as hiring a new employee or making a major expense change such as purchasing a new vehicle or new equipment.

QUESTION: Is there a guarantee?
ANSWER: Yes… the Appliance Service Secrets Cost Of Doing Business Calculator has a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but just in case you’re worried… don’t be.

You either love what we have for you or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

QUESTION: Why does this only cost $37.00?

ANSWER: If you’re thinking “This is way too cheap… what’s the catch?” then here it is…

Nothing! Nada! There’s no catch!

The regular price for this Cost Of Doing Business Calculator will soon go up to $97 as a standalone resource. However, as an introductory offer, I am offering the CODB calculator at this incredibly low price of only $37.

HOWEVER, for a limited time you can actually get the CODB calculator for FREE when you sign up for a $1 trial of our Appliance Service Secrets membership. Click here »

And that’s it… The information you need to determine your Cost Of Doing Business and start growing your appliance service business is now at a price anyone can afford, not to mention with zero risks.

QUESTION: How long will it take to get access?
ANSWER: Immediate.

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