When a company grows, looking for people with the right leadership skills is crucial. These four principles can help you develop the leaders in your company.

A great company finds ways to grow and retain talent since hiring leadership people externally is not always possible and not always a good idea. Sometimes, homegrown talent proves to be more effective than hiring someone from the outside.

But this doesn’t mean that anyone can be a leader. There are just people who are natural leaders. To know if one makes a good leader, they have to show that they can take care of their current tasks. They have to be someone who is on top of their game before they can be viewed as a reliable leader.

For people with leadership potential and the will to develop their skills, here are some things they can rely on to be successful. Here are some principles on how to take your leadership to the next level:

Principle 1: Be accountable.

The first principle is to be accountable. Before taking on leadership tasks, a good leader is someone who has their own tasks. They need to be someone who is accountable, not just “in charge”. You have to be someone willing to step up and do extra tasks when the necessity comes. When people are accountable, people are willing to do what is needed and are willing to take responsibility for the outcome.


Principle 2: Use next-level thinking

Sometimes the outcome determines how well you did the task or not. In leadership, shifting our thinking is important. We need to be flexible in reaching our goals since there are a lot of ways to get things done.


Principle 3: Respect time

Good leaders should know how to work around time. They need to have efficient-time management tools in place. They need to prioritize which goes first and which is less prioritized since a leader tends to have tasks coming in at the same time. Leaders need to respect their time and other’s time as well. By respecting their time and others’ time, they will be more efficient.


Principle 4: Focus on progress not perfection

No one is perfect. Chasing perfection is good but what’s important is that you are making progress. This means that there is improvement and growth. Chasing perfection would make people afraid to try and make mistakes. Stop finding faults and mistakes but instead look at the pattern if it is getting better over time.

These four principles on how to take your leadership to the next-level will serve as a guide on how to develop a great leader. However, always take into consideration that without willingness and commitment, a potential leader won’t become a great leader.