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CODB Worksheet for Service Businesses

Understand exactly what you need to charge to cover your costs and make a profit.

If you don’t know what it costs you to run a service call or make a repair, you are taking a huge gamble with the success of your business.

  • With this worksheet, you’ll know you’re charging enough to pay yourself!

  • You’ll no longer have to base your rates on your competition’s rates, you’ll know your own!

  • You’ll know ALL your expenses are covered in your Cost of Doing Business!

  • You’ll no longer be guessing what you need to charge, you’ll know for sure!

CODB for Your Delivery Department

Ever wonder what you need to charge for your deliveries of the products you sell?

Well now you can find out!

This version of the tried and tested Service Company CODB calculator will take you through determining what you need to charge for your deliveries of appliances, furniture & more.

Just download the worksheet and start entering your data begin to have a profitable delivery department today!

Simplified Financial Analysis Worksheet

Understand your financial statements starting today!

Download this easy-to-use Simplified Financial Statements Review worksheet and take control of your financial future.

  • Learn where to find these numbers on your financial statements

  • Identify where your percentages are compared to industry averages

  • Find out if your business equity (value) is increasing or decreasing!

  • Determine if you had positive or negative cash flow for the month

  • Plus more…

Vehicle Mileage Worksheet

Get absolute clarity regarding your mileage.

This simple to use Vehicle Mileage Log worksheet will help you to:

  • Track all mileage put on your vehicles

  • Associate miles with specific deliveries, service calls or installs

  • Track vehicle mileage per driver

  • Get automatically calculated totals at any time.

Perfect Meeting Agenda

Lead better meetings.

Unorganized company meetings can often feel like a complete waste of time. Try this agenda planner to:

  • Make your service meetings more productive.

  • Make your service meetings shorter.

  • Send your employees off to work motivated and focused.

  • Maximize efficiency, communication and productivity.

10 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for Any Appliance Service Business

Track your progress and profitability with these 10 essential KPI’s

Here’s how our downloadable Key Performance Indicators worksheet will help you:

  • You’ll learn exactly what benchmarks to focus on in your business.

  • You’ll be able to compare your #’s to industry standard #’s.

  • You’ll identify and prioritize benchmarks you’re lower than average on so you know what to focus on first.

  • You’ll eliminate guesswork and take the right actions more quickly based on the proven metrics that determine which service businesses succeed or fail.