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Do you know what it costs your company every time you go out on a service call?

Not knowing has BIG consequences. How can you reliably make money if you don’t know what it’s costing you?

This Cost of Doing Business Calculator eliminates the guesswork from your costs, so you’ll know exactly what to charge to make a profit.

You won’t have to call your competition to find out what they charge, or guess at your “breakeven” point. With the Cost of Doing Business Calculator you’ll finally…

Discover your own average cost per hour, as well as the total cost per hour for all your technicians.

Learn what it costs you per hour to cover vacation pay, holiday pay, sick days and training days for your technicians

Find out how much per hour your overhead expenses cost you

Determine your technician efficiency ratio and what effect that has on your hourly rate

Choose your profit margin and find out how much you need to charge per hour to achieve that desired profit margin