About “Dependable Don”

My name is Donald Harris and I am owner & CEO of Dependable Services located in Atlanta, Ga. Dependable Services is a 41 year old residential & commercial multi-faceted service company. What I mean by multi-faceted is that we are not locked into one specific arena of service for our customers. We offer services in the fields of Residential Appliance Repair, Commercial Appliance Repair such as Restaurant Equipment including cooking equipment and commercial refrigeration, Residential & Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Repair along with an ongoing Preventative Maintenance Programs, Residential & Commercial Water Heaters including tank type as well as tankless water heaters and retail parts sales for the “Do-It-Yourselfer”. Although each field is a specialty within itself, the overall fundamentals of running any type of service operation does not vary and the principles of operation remain the same. To handle the specialty side of each operation, we have technicians who specialize in each unique field.

By providing our customers with exceptional service and offering an array of services to choose from, we feel confident that when the need arises for one of our oservices, our customers will call us for the repair. Therefore we can claim, we truly do offer “Single Source Service” in the Metro Atlanta area.

What I Do !

Having started Dependable Services in 1970 from the ground up and growing it to where it is today, running over 20 service technicians along with a full staff of inside support personnel, I fell I know something about running a successful service operation.

As owner and CEO, I have decided to step back from the day to day operation of the business and pass the torch to my son, Brannon Harris. By doing this, it is allowing me the time to focus my attention & efforts onto helping others grow their businesses.

Why I Do It !

It is time for me to give back to the industries that has helped me grow both personally and professionally. This is the reason for this venture.

As a small business owner with over 45 years of experience in the service industry, I have made a lot of mistakes along the way and learned from those mistakes. I have gained a ton of knowledge and experience in what it takes to run a small business.

I am not any different than most small business owners. We probably started out being really good at our profession and then decided to go into business for ourselves. The problem was most of us had no idea how to run a small business, especially the knowledge it takes to run a “Successful” small business. We had to learn whatever we could, wherever we could, and as quickly as we could and that’s exactly why I have started this website. If we are going to be successful as business owners and entrepreneur’s, we no longer have the luxury to sit around and let the world pass us by. We must take the bull by the horn and learn the secrets of a successful business operation not only to survive, but to thrive.

We cannot be an island unto ourselves. We must have help from those around us. That’s why I’m here. To offer that help and come along side you so that maybe you won’t have to make all the mistakes I did.

So dig your heels in and be ready to learn and implement the things you will experience in this website. It will be geared toward sharing what I have learned over the last 45 years from the school of hard knocks along with information and insight I have gained from others along the way. This journey is not one that should be traveled all alone. Enjoy the ride as you “Travel the Road To Success”!

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