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Created for home service business owners, by home service business owners, Service Success Group is the ultimate resource to help you maximize profits.


How We Help

We arm home service business owners with the knowledge, strategies, tools, and skills they need to succeed.


Courses, webinars, videos, guides and much more

The Service Success Group Membership is the #1 source for up-to-date tactics and strategies for growing an appliance service business Your membership gets you access to a growing library of step by step action plans, videos and other training to help you really grow your business and maximize your profits.

Essential Tools

Calculators, tracking sheets, organizational guides and more

Here you’ll find financial calculators, profitability guides, service call check lists, a complete cost-of-doing-business calculator custom tailored to your specific business. All the tools you need to run an efficient, highly profitable appliance service business.


Group calls, on-site meetups, ride alongs and more

Join our platinum mastermind group made up of other appliance service business owners just like you. With weekly small group calls and several on-site meetings per year, you should never again feel like you’re trying to figure things out all on your own!

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1-on-1 help from the goto home service business coach, Don Harris

Working 1-on-1 with Don is like having a business partner with 45 years of experience who can provide you with proven strategies, blueprints and systems to get your business to the next level quickly. Get more customers, earn more per customer and maximize profitability!

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